Fist me like a Muppet!

public - created 12/04/03
This place started as a joke, but you dirty dirty people just couldn't let it alone, now could you?

The name says it all.

This is a place to talk about fisting. Serious? Kidding? Just looking for something scandalous on your tribe list? all are welcome!
---personal ads welcome!!!---

We're not talking about the clinical/psychological/cultural aspects of fisting. We're talking about getting a fist shoved deep inside. Speak up. Giving, receiving, self, both, it's up to you.

As the update says, we're welcoming personal ads. do you want to meet the love of your life and are interested in fisting? Post an ad. Are you going to be in town for a couple days and want to meet someone for a fling, post it! Let's keep tribe FUN!

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